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Let's be honest, there is no shortage of photographers to choose from, so why should you choose us?

What sets us apart:

ALL of our wedding packages include two shooters.  We are partners in this business, and when you book Hearts on Fire, you are getting two lead photographers for the entire time we are contracted.  We don't hire a second shooter to come for a portion of the day and hope for the best.  We work as a team full-time, and we have a process for every wedding.  This is such a benefit for any sized package you choose.  Two photographers means twice the experience, twice the perspective and most importantly, it allows us to be in two locations at once.  This is perfect for weddings where one of you is getting ready 30 minutes away from the other, or when you aren’t seeing each other before the ceremony but would like to knock out some of your wedding party shots so everyone can get to the reception as quickly as possible.

We take weddings seriously. There are no do-overs on this day. That’s why in addition to our main cameras, we also pack a backup with us in case there is an issue. We bring a variety of lenses as well. If there’s a drop or malfunction, we simply move on and continue shooting with another one from our inventory.

We include engagement sessions with all of our wedding packages - most local photographers do this, but we strongly encourage them.  We use engagement sessions in place of a lengthy wedding consult because we want to learn about your wedding day vision and plans, but we also want you to have something tangible after you meet with us.  Shooting your engagement session also gives all of us the opportunity to get comfortable with each other.  You're going to be spending your wedding day with us - it's better to be friends than strangers on such an important day!

We understand that wedding photography is expensive, and we want you to be confident that your money is being spent on professionals who are here to help with recommending the right package for your budget, and for creating wedding day timelines that will meet your expectations within your budget. Hopefully you’ve read this far and you’re ready to book! Our packages start at $1899 for 5 hours of coverage.

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Weddings are amazing, but engagement sessions are
100% ALL about you and your loved one.

Wear whatever you want, go wherever you want, and spend a couple of hours chilling out together (while we document it, of course).

Engagement sessions are complimentary with any wedding package.

Starting at $200 a la carte.



Book a lifestyle session and you get beautiful images that tell your story and capture real — like really real — life moments of a day in the life of your family.  From the quiet moments, to the most chaotic moment, and anything in between.  All of our family sessions have a lifestyle vibe.  We will shoot in your home, or in the wild — and we want you to incorporate ALL of the personal elements into your shoot.  Is Goodnight Moon your kiddo’s favorite book?  Read it!  Does your child carry a specific toy or stuffed friend everywhere?  We want to photograph it (yes, we are talking about the well-loved one with stains and a missing eyeball)!  Do you enjoy s'mores from your backyard fire pit or would you like to bake some cookies with lots of "help" from your kids?  We will showcase those sticky fingers and chocolate covered smiles. THESE are the moments you'll want to remember when your littles aren't so little anymore, and these are the kinds of images we are passionate about.  

In-home sessions may take up to 2 hours, includes edited images delivered via online gallery, and print release. $375

Outdoor lifestyle sessions are one hour, includes edited images delivered via online gallery, and print release. $200

Custom photo books from lifestyle sessions are available for $125

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The pictured joy of our wedding day now beautifully remains for life thanks to the brilliance of Brooke and Britney and their photographs. Every picture captured each moment in its raw emotion and sincerity. They are more than beautiful, and I gain a deeper appreciation for our photos each time I look back on them.

I urge you to invest in their work — you will be rewarded greatly.

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