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Passionate about providing stunning, raw, honest images that capture not only the action of the moment, but the soul behind it.


our mission

Since it’s inception, photography has been used by humanity as a way to stop time for an instant and relive it again and again. Capturing these fleeting moments gives us a way to hold on to them a little longer and to share them with those we love. Photographs give future generations a glimpse into the past. Hearts on Fire is passionate about providing stunning, raw and honest images that capture not only the action of the moment, but the soul behind it. We want your know-it-all grins and the tears you can’t hold back anymore. Let us document your sweet embraces, your butterfly kisses, your secret handshakes, and that feeling that you want to last a lifetime.




The Queens of Hearts on Fire

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Britney fell in love with photography at age 5 looking at NatGeo magazines in her grandparents’ basement. She was fascinated by images that exposed her to another side of the world and to things she wouldn’t otherwise even know existed. It was then that she learned how powerful photography can be and how it can open our minds to others’ experiences and teach us about our own humanity at the same time. After years of thinking “I should get a degree in something more practical,” Britney can confidently say that her love for photographing humans in all of their glorious reality has surpassed the fear and anxiety that kept her from wholly chasing after this dream for so long.

Britney is an introvert who doesn’t always seem like an introvert. Her 103 year old home serves as an office for HoF and is home to 2 amazing cats named Carlile and Bernie. When she’s not taking and editing photos, you can usually find her at a sporting event cheering on her siblings, grabbing coffee with a friend, or catching up with her grandparents.

midwest wedding photographers


Brooke was first drawn to photography by the way one image can contain an enormity of life. As a mother, she loves being able to pick up a photo and travel back in time to a familiar crinkly-nosed smile or a handmade costume being shown off in a pre-trick-or-treat fashion show. As someone who has experienced loss, her most treasured photograph in the world is a black and white candid shot taken of her grandparents. It captures them perfectly; they aren’t in a studio, and they aren’t gussied up. They’re on the front porch, her grandpa in his signature overalls, her grandma’s bright and infectious smile shining. One look at this photo, and it all comes back; the way the gravel sounded beneath a visitor’s car, their tremendous hospitality, the way her grandma’s lemonade tasted, the smell of her grandpa’s chewing tobacco, and the million ways they took care of her every day.

Whether it’s to remind you of when your littles were actually little or to help you hold on to the feelings you only felt around the people who have moved on from this world, Brooke wants everyone to have the same kind of priceless images that capture moments and memories like these.


Choosing Britney and Brooke was the best planning decision we made.

They were there for every question, freak out moment, and all of the wedding advice! They were our most trusted vendor and helped take the reins on our wedding day to make sure everything went smoothly. They were professional while also making us feel like friends.

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